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Voting for the Masters of Hardcore Top 100 is open!

Masters, it’s that time of the year! Despite the strange times, music always prevails, which is why we’re bringing you the biggest Hardcore countdown show once again. With pride, we present this year’s Masters of Hardcore Top 100 – voted by YOU.

Voting for the Masters of Hardcore Top 100 2020 is OPEN. Take a moment to think of your biggest favourites from 2020 and start preparing your list.


This year, you will be allowed to vote for five (5) tracks. Keep in mind that all tracks in your personal Top 5 will have equal voting power (your #1 track will have as much voting weight as your #5 track).

Important information

– Voting closes December 15th at 12:00 midday (CET)

– You may vote for 5 of your favourite tracks

– When voting, keep an eye out for a confirmation e-mail (check your spam box if you have not received it). If you do not confirm your vote, then your vote will not be counted.

How to vote

– Choose 5 of your favourite tracks from 2019

– Add them to your voting list

– Send in your votes

– Confirm your votes with your email address (if you did not receive a confirmation, check your spam box

– Once confirmed, take a screenshot and share your votes with all of your friends!

Cast your vote and have a shot at winning a surprise merchandise package worth €100! Increase your chance by sharing your top 5 on Instagram Stories and tag @mastersofhardcore.

Are your tracks missing? E-mail us at radio@mastersofhardcore.com

Need voting inspiration? Check out our HARDCORE playlist on Spotify for the hottest Hardcore tracks.