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Hardtunes top 10

  1. Creeds Push Up (Partyraiser & F. Noize Remix) (Original Mix)
  2. N-Vitral presents Bombsquad & Barber Game of Hate (Original Mix)
  3. Neophyte Rockin' (Neophyte & Drokz Remix)
  4. Tharoza & Satirized Stereo Sound
  5. Cryogenic Now Is The Time (Original Mix)
  6. F. Noize & Unlocked Go With The Flow (Original Mix)
  7. Noxiouz & Satirized Gunz & Dope (Original Mix)
  8. F.Noize & Bulletproof James Brown Is Back (Original Mix)
  9. Manifest Destiny The Atomic Apocalypse (Official Execution 2024 Anthem) (Original Mix)
  10. DMRC Back Up