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Bam Ratatata The Endless Souls

Hardcore top 10

  1. Partyraiser & Repix Ode To The Godfather (Original Mix)
  2. Tommyknocker & The Braindrillerz feat. MC Ghost Weed song (Extended mix)
  3. Mind Compressor Turn The Levels
  4. The Wishmaster Music To Die For
  5. Dr. Peacock ft. Da Mouth of Madness Frenchcore Worldwide
  6. Bulletproof & Partyraiser Monster
  7. Deadly Guns feat. Tha Watcher Deadly Venoms (Official Snakepit 2017 Anthem)
  8. AniMe Insane Hardcore
  9. Furyan & Korsakoff Harmony
  10. Hyrule War Good Cop, Bad Cop