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Drums Of War Vandal!sm & Sedutchion

Hardtunes top 10

  1. Scarphase vs. N-Vitral presents Bombsquad Crack Smokers
  2. Scarphase Scarphase Bass (Cryogenic Remix )
  3. Hard Effectz Phase The Mashup 2.0
  4. Scarphase ft. Nick Nicolai Ik Leef Voor Hardcore
  5. Scarphase Phase One (Nosferatu Remix)
  6. Scarphase Black Scars (Paul Elstak Remix)
  7. Scarphase ft. Skits Vicious Phase 2
  8. Scarphase vs. The Motordogs 1-2-3 Drop
  9. Scarphase Have Some Fcking Balls
  10. Scarphase vs. Negative A Hip To Da Hop