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Party Life Dither, Major Conspiracy & Livid

Hardtunes top 10

  1. F. Noize & Lekkerfaces Tripping On Acid (Original Mix)
  2. Neophyte Braincracking (Nosferatu Remix)
  3. Hard Creation I Will Have That Power (Chaos Project Remix)
  4. Satirized & Abaddon Too Hot To Handle (Original Mix)
  5. D-Fence Acid In My Head
  6. F. Noize & Unlocked Rave Therapy (Original Mix)
  7. Neophyte Execute (INVADE Remix)
  8. Abaddon & Satirized Going Crazy (Original Mix)
  9. Angerfist & Miss K8 Breinbreker (Original Mix)
  10. Manifest Destiny & Eraized Blow Your Brains Out (Original Mix)