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Nosferatu & Alee release “In Hart En Nier”

Long-standing legend Nosferatu is an unstoppable force in hardcore music. For years on end, he’s never backed down when it comes to creating incredible music that portrays profound and authentic storylines – true music sparks intense emotion.

Another unforgettable addition to his catalogue has been achieved with “In Hart En Nier”. This track takes fans and listeners on an extra special and personal journey, as it marks the 2 year anniversary of his kidney transplant. With the distinctive voice of Alee hitting the mic with some Dutch rap to bring this masterpiece to another level, the pair fully immerses you in this inspiring story.

“It has taken exactly two years to do this. The 25th of January marks a special day. Last year my studio was still upside down, so I couldn’t get much out of my clutches for this project. This year, yes, today, 25-01-2021, the project is finished, the video clip is going into production and next month it will be released! ‘IN HART EN NIER’ is a fact and I couldn’t put this project into words better than with Alee’s rap vocals.” – Nosferatu.

CLICK HERE to download or stream “In Hart En Nier”.