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Miss K8 releases heavy new tune “Temper”

Leading the Hardcore game, Miss K8 entered 2018 with a blazing ambition to bring the fiercest, hard-hitting beats! Fulfilling her mission, the goddess of Hardcore is ready to headline your Spring with a ferocious new tune that’ll make you completely lose your ‘Temper!’

This contemporary, brutal Hardcore tune contains all the right herbs and spices to be a massive success on the dance-floor. Merging mind-boggling kicks with a powerhouse vibe, this brand-new slammer will leave you craving for more! Played during her recent gigs, “Temper” has been received tremendously by the crowd and is, without a doubt, going to be one of the most memorable releases from 2018.

Miss K8 – Temper is OUT NOW on Masters of Hardcore! Download or stream it here: