Radical Redemption - Militant Mayhem 01.08.2016 | RADICAL REDEMPTION - MILITANT MAYHEM
After the great succes of last year, Radical Redemption returns with a second edition of his event. Get prepared for Radical Redemption – Militant Mayhem. Attend the official Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1593357384295996/. More info soon!
Supremacy 2016 line-up release 19.07.2016 | SUPREMACY 2016 LINE-UP RELEASE
The world’s most superior event in vicious hardstyle enters the third phase. Check the devastating Supremacy 2016 line-up now! Tickets and info at www.supremacy.nl. RADICAL REDEMPTION LIVE WAR FORCE LIVE DELETE VIP DIGITAL PUNK CRYPSIS LIVE REGAIN CHAIN REACTION MAD DOG LIVE SUB SONIK D-STURB JACK OF SOUND ACT OF RAGE HIGH VOLTAGE SUB ZERO PROJECT MC NOLZ
Dominator 2016 endshow online 18.07.2016 | DOMINATOR 2016 ENDSHOW ONLINE
Last Saturday 50.000 hardcoreheads gathered for a new chapter of world’s biggest outdoor hardcore happening. Re-live the closing of ‚Ä™Dominator Festival 2016‚Ĩ now, check out the official Dominator 2016 endshow powered by anthem creator Furyan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XTu49OCnpU
Art of Dance & b2s present Snakepit 15.07.2016 | ART OF DANCE & B2S PRESENT SNAKEPIT
A stunning collaboration is in the works as two colossal event heavyweights in the harder styles team up to throw down a furiously raging Uptempo Hardcore gathering like no other! Boasting utmost superiority, this is a spectacle designed for the hardest of hearts…  Organised by market leaders Art of Dance and b2s, this illustrious event goes by the name SNAKEPIT and is set to impress even the toughest Hardcore connoisseurs! With the Klokgebouw in...
Supremacy 2016 trailer 07.07.2016 | SUPREMACY 2016 TRAILER
The most superior event in harder styles prepares for the third phase. On the 24th of September we enter the state of Supremacy. Check the Supremacy 2016 trailer now! https://youtu.be/A6gMYEseXU8
Free Festival 2016 timetable online 27.06.2016 | FREE FESTIVAL 2016 TIMETABLE ONLINE
YES! This Saturday it’s finally time for Free Festival! Check the timetable now to find out about the set times of your favorite artists. Didn’t get your tickets yet? Last tickets (€15 ex.) are now available at freefestivalharder.nl/tickets.
Syndicate 2016 '10 years' line-up & tickets 24.06.2016 | SYNDICATE 2016 '10 YEARS' LINE-UP & TICKETS
Ambassadors! This October Art of Dance and I-Motion present the 10th edition of SYNDICATE. After several successful editions, the international harder styles community can prepare themselves for the 10th anniversary of Germany’s biggest indoor harder styles event. One thing is for sure, this will be the most spectacular and outrageous edition ever! Expect a monstrous show, a sound system that will blow you away and stunning performances by the wo...
Dominator 2016 tickets now available 02.04.2016 | DOMINATOR 2016 TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE
Tickets, travel & stay packages and hotels for Dominator Festival 2016 - Methods of Mutilation are available at www.dominatorfestival.nl/tickets. Don't miss out! 
Dominator 2016 - Methods of Mutilation trailer 29.03.2016 | DOMINATOR 2016 - METHODS OF MUTILATION TRAILER
Behold the lunatic world of untamed fury. Thousands of infatuated souls prepare themselves for the annual ritual of slaughter. Embrace the savagery or be shattered. Check the Dominator - Methods of Mutilation here!
Photos Masters of Hardcore - Raiders of Rampage 28.03.2016 | PHOTOS MASTERS OF HARDCORE - RAIDERS OF RAMPAGE
Photos of Masters of Hardcore - Raiders of Rampage are online now! Check them here!
Free Festival 2016 - line-up 28.03.2016 | FREE FESTIVAL 2016 - LINE-UP
The line-up of Free Festival - The Harder Styles 2016 is now online! Angerfist Live, Radical Redemption, Mental Theo, Miss K8, Dr. Peacock, Korsakoff, Tha Playah, Darkraver, E-Force, Warface and many more! Check the full line up now at www.freefestivalharder.nl/lineup.
Masters of Hardcore 2016 line-up release 18.01.2016 | MASTERS OF HARDCORE 2016 LINE-UP RELEASE
The massive line-up of the world's leading hardcore event is here: raidersoframpage.com/line-up. Join us on our raid of rampage!
MOH Podcast broadcast at HardcoreRadio.nl 17.12.2015 | MOH PODCAST BROADCAST AT HARDCORERADIO.NL
World’s leading hardcore podcast is coming to your favorite hardcore radio station! From now on, every new episode will be broadcasted at HardcoreRadio.nl on Thursdays at 5:00PM CET. Tune in this afternoon at 5:00PM CET for E031 by queen Korsakoff! Other current hosts of the podcast are Angerfist, Negative A and Death by Design. In the next few weeks we’ll also announce a new host en several raging guest hosts. Don’t want to miss new episodes? Su...
MOH Radio Live top 100 2015 07.12.2015 | MOH RADIO LIVE TOP 100 2015
Each year, the hardcore massive gathered around their radio on the final Saturday of December. But when the MOH Radio Live-crew put down their mics for the last time with the MOH Radio Live Top 100 2014, the demand for the biggest hardcore radio event remained. Masters of Hardcore is proud to announce the broadcast of the MOH Radio Live Top 100 2015! What seemed to be gone forever, will arise like a phoenix on Saturday the 2nd of January 2016: th...
Trailer and start pre-sale Masters of Hardcore - Raiders of Rampage 30.11.2015 | TRAILER AND START PRE-SALE MASTERS OF HARDCORE - RAIDERS OF RAMPAGE
The biggest indoor hardcore happening in the world returns on the 26th of March 2016. Six massive arena’s, representing all styles in hardcore, a glorious line up of sonic raiders and over 25.000 true believers will be responsible for this years hardcore rampage. START PRE-SALE Pre-Sale starts 05/12/2015 12:00 (noon) CET at www.mastersofhardcore.com. TICKETS Check the trailer here!
Will you perform at Dominator festival? 22.06.2015 | WILL YOU PERFORM AT DOMINATOR FESTIVAL?
This year Dominator will be bigger than ever before! To show our hardcore support for talented new DJ’s and producers we added a dedicated stage for those who are ready to show their skills to the world.  If you think you are worthy to enter the domain of Dominator as a true artist you can enter the DJ/Producer contest NOW. Follow these steps to enter the contest:  1) Upload your own productions or devastating DJ mix (max. 30 minutes) to your Sou...
A new conference of chaos will disturb our peaceful summer. Insurrectionists from all over the planet will drift towards the grounds of savagery. Art of Dance & Q-dance proudly present this year's trailer for the world's number one outdoor hardcore festival. Check the trailer here! TICKETS  The ticket sales for Dominator – 'Riders of Retaliation' start on the 4th of April at 12:00 CEST (noon) at Dominatorfestival.nl  DOMINATOR - ‘Riders of Reta...
Trailer and start pre-sale 20 years Masters of Hardcore 04.12.2014 | TRAILER AND START PRE-SALE 20 YEARS MASTERS OF HARDCORE
Two decades have passed, two decades of pure dedication. What started as the last resort to preserve hardcore, evolved into the worlds leading movement.   Where other strongholds ceased to exist, deserting our sound, we are determined to last for ever. To praise your everlasting devotion, we are resolute in our prime objective: the creation of the biggest Masters of Hardcore celebration in history. Showing our gratitude for the past, the present...
Sunday 14/12 Hardcore Fan Day + Blow Out in Germany FREE EVENT! 06.11.2014 | SUNDAY 14/12 HARDCORE FAN DAY + BLOW OUT IN GERMANY FREE EVENT!
On sunday 14 december for the first time in Germany (Club Kabelwerk Monchengladbach) a Harcore Fan day and Blow Out sale. You can enjoy, meet and greet the artists and buy hardcore merchandise at great prices. This event is FREE of charge/ Freier Eintritt!! Artists like Rotterdamterrorcorps SRB DJ The-Vizitor Dj Radiate Jasper Chrono Broeks The Beatkrusher dj Stinger Beatstream Dione a.k.a. E-Noid DJ Distortion RTC and many more. Hosted by mc ADK...
Free track by The BeatKrusher (Offensive Records) 10.09.2014 | FREE TRACK BY THE BEATKRUSHER (OFFENSIVE RECORDS)
Free download by The Beatkrusher of Offensive Records. Sense Of Hardcore (Official Mainstream Anthem). Check it out on the soundcloud of Rige music! https://soundcloud.com/rigemusic