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Set MD&A at Defqon 2014 online! 22.08.2014 | SET MD&A AT DEFQON 2014 ONLINE!
The set of MD&A at Defqon 2014 is online! Check the soundcloud of Rige music! https://soundcloud.com/rigemusic
Dione nr 1 in Hardtunes charts + videos online! 14.08.2014 | DIONE NR 1 IN HARDTUNES CHARTS + VIDEOS ONLINE!
We congratulate Dione with his #1, 2, 4 and 7 position in the Hardtunes charts with his new 'Locked and Loaded EP' on Megarave Records! Featuring Rotterdam Terror Corps and dj darkcontroller. The videos are online on the Youtube channel of Megarave Records. https://www.youtube.com/user/megaraverecords
Mash-up by Paul Elstak & Radiate (Offensive Records) 13.08.2014 | MASH-UP BY PAUL ELSTAK & RADIATE (OFFENSIVE RECORDS)
For all you (early) hardcore fans: here's a new mash-up made by Paul Elstak & Dj Radiate! It's called 'Voel Je Die Bass And Sound'. Allready full support by Partyraiser! Check it out on the soundcloud of Rige music! https://soundcloud.com/rigemusic
Decibel 2014 13.08.2014 | DECIBEL 2014
This saturday Paul Elstak,Distortion (RTC), SRB, Darkcontroller, Chrono, The Demon Dwarf and Ruffian will perform at Decibel - Beekse Bergen Hilvarenbeek.
New release by Dione (Megarave Records)! 13.08.2014 | NEW RELEASE BY DIONE (MEGARAVE RECORDS)!
Out now : the new release of Dione (a.k.a. E-Noid aka SRB) featuring Rotterdam Terror Corps and Darkcontroller - 'Locked and Loaded' (Megarave Records) on Hardtunes!   https://www.hardtunes.com/albums/dione-locked-and-loaded-ep/3235
New track by The Vizitor 12.08.2014 | NEW TRACK BY THE VIZITOR
New track by DJ The-Vizitor 'Bad Boy' on project 'Zware Jongens' of No Strings Hardcore. Available at Hardtunes. https://www.hardtunes.com/tunes/the-vizitor-bad-boy/17786