FREE FESTIVAL - THE HARDER STYLES 02.07.2016 from 12:00 till 23:00
Atlantisstrand Almere
DOMINATOR - METHODS OF MUTILATION 16.07.2016 from 11:00 till 23:00
E3 Strand, Eersel
AIRFORCE FESTIVAL 06.08.2016 from 12:00 till 23:00
Military Airbase Twenthe, Enschede


Dominator 2016 tickets now available 02.04.2016 | DOMINATOR 2016 TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE
Tickets, travel & stay packages and hotels for Dominator Festival 2016 - Methods of Mutilation are available at www.dominatorfestival.nl/tickets. Don't miss out! 
Dominator 2016 - Methods of Mutilation trailer 29.03.2016 | DOMINATOR 2016 - METHODS OF MUTILATION TRAILER
Behold the lunatic world of untamed fury. Thousands of infatuated souls prepare themselves for the annual ritual of slaughter. Embrace the savagery or be shattered. Check the Dominator - Methods of Mutilation here!
Photos Masters of Hardcore - Raiders of Rampage 28.03.2016 | PHOTOS MASTERS OF HARDCORE - RAIDERS OF RAMPAGE
Photos of Masters of Hardcore - Raiders of Rampage are online now! Check them here!
Free Festival 2016 - line-up 28.03.2016 | FREE FESTIVAL 2016 - LINE-UP
The line-up of Free Festival - The Harder Styles 2016 is now online! Angerfist Live, Radical Redemption, Mental Theo, Miss K8, Dr. Peacock, Korsakoff, Tha Playah, Darkraver, E-Force, Warface and many more! Check the full line up now at www.freefestivalharder.nl/lineup.
Masters of Hardcore 2016 line-up release 18.01.2016 | MASTERS OF HARDCORE 2016 LINE-UP RELEASE
The massive line-up of the world's leading hardcore event is here: raidersoframpage.com/line-up. Join us on our raid of rampage!
MOH Podcast broadcast at HardcoreRadio.nl 17.12.2015 | MOH PODCAST BROADCAST AT HARDCORERADIO.NL
World’s leading hardcore podcast is coming to your favorite hardcore radio station! From now on, every new episode will be broadcasted at HardcoreRadio.nl on Thursdays at 5:00PM CET. Tune in this afternoon at 5:00PM CET for E031 by queen Korsakoff! Other current hosts of the podcast are Angerfist, Negative A and Death by Design. In the next few weeks we’ll also announce a new host en several raging guest hosts. Don’t want to miss new episodes? Su...