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24 & 25 july : Summer Sale at Rigeshop!!!  20% discount on all items! 24.07.2014 | 24 & 25 JULY : SUMMER SALE AT RIGESHOP!!! 20% DISCOUNT ON ALL ITEMS!
July 24 & 25 - Summer Sale at Rigeshop!!! 20% discount on all itesms!!! Free shipping to Holland, Belgium and Germany!!! https://www.rigeshop.com/
Free Hardcore Magazine! 23.07.2014 | FREE HARDCORE MAGAZINE!
With every order at Rigeshop.com you will get a FREE copy of Hardcore Magazine. For a limited time only! The magazine includes interviews with SRB, Paul Elstak, Partyraiser, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Darkcontroller, Chrono, Ruffian, Chosen Few, Beatstream, Radiate, The BeatKrusher, Plague, Smurf, The Vizitor, Stinger, The Unfamous, Paralizer, Hardcore Masterz Vienna, Rhose and Critical Mass.
Free The BeatKrusher 2014 Mix. 22.07.2014 | FREE THE BEATKRUSHER 2014 MIX.
The Beatkrusher of Offensive Records released in the past last 18 months 27 tracks. Check the 30 minutes free 'mega mix 2014' he made for you. https://soundcloud.com/stream
Out now! The Dr. Peacock 2CD!!! 18.07.2014 | OUT NOW! THE DR. PEACOCK 2CD!!!
This album includes tracks featuring SRB, Chrono, Partyraiser & Scrapeface, Le Bask, Mr. Ivex, Hyrule War, Zone 33, Marcus Decks, Remzcore, Repix, Zyklon, Brutal Jetters, Lano, Ohmboy, Brutal Smashing Heads, V-Maxx and others. The first 100 copies are signed by the artist!! https://www.rigeshop.com/music/cds/dr-peacock-frenchcore-revolution-2cd/21103
RTC closed Yellow Claw stage at Summer Festival (Belgium) 17.07.2014 | RTC CLOSED YELLOW CLAW STAGE AT SUMMER FESTIVAL (BELGIUM)
June 28 Rotterdam Terror Corps had the honour to close the Yellow Claw stage at Summer Festival - Antwerp (Belgium) For pictures check out the facebook of Rotterdam Terror Corps : https://www.facebook.com/rotterdamterrorcorps Direct link to the pictures : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.906181366062601.1073741843.19028
Rige at Ruhr-In-Love 2014 - Olgapark Oberhausen (Germany) 04.07.2014 | RIGE AT RUHR-IN-LOVE 2014 - OLGAPARK OBERHAUSEN (GERMANY)
This saturday Megarave Records, DNA Records, This Is Terror Records, Offensive Records, Peacock Records and Partyraiser Official Records will host area 25 at Ruhr-in-Love - OlgaPark Oberhausen! Performances by SRB, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Distortion, Chrono, The Demon Dwarf,  The-Vizitor, Dione a.k.a. E-Noid, Offensive Dj Team, Dj Radiate, Beatstream, Darkcontroller, The Beatkrusher, DJ Rhose, Zyclone, Psycobeat Project, Hyrule War and others... ...