Exodus Trailer 13.01.2017 | EXODUS TRAILER
The ultimate display of real hardcore power, will be embraced by thousands... Represented by 7 superior hardcore teams Exodus is the #1 hardcore gathering of the year. Powered by pure hardcore, frenchcore, industrial and uptempo hardcore, Exodus is the dream of every true fan. Hereby we present you the official #Exodus2017 trailer! https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=_TfY9PTqDI4
Mindcontroller Trailer Release 11.01.2017 | MINDCONTROLLER TRAILER RELEASE
“Wonderful days belong to the past…” luckily this doesn’t count for this years Mindcontroller edition and we are more than ready to relive the good old days together with you. We still owe you the video footage of last year, so sit back and enjoy this flashback to the 2016 edition in the official Mindcontroller 2017 trailer! See you again on the 28th of January? Tickets for Mindcontroller 2017 are now available at www.artofdance.nl....
The word is out! No other than Dj AniMe, part of team 'Hardcore Azzurri', will create a superior Hardcore anthem for Exodus this year! Are you all ready for this one?!
MOH 2017 VIP tickets sold out 15.12.2016 | MOH 2017 VIP TICKETS SOLD OUT
All VIP tickets for Masters of Hardcore – The Skull Dynasty are SOLD OUT! Regular tickets are still available here.
Mindcontroller 2017 Line up 14.12.2016 | MINDCONTROLLER 2017 LINE UP
Over een paar weken is het tijd voor dé early-hardcore, early-rave en millennium hardcore happening van het jaar: Mindcontroller! Deze helden staan op 28 januari klaar om jou een onvergetelijke nacht te bezorgen. Mis het niet! Tickets voor Mindcontroller 2017 zijn nu hier verkrijgbaar!  Darkraver Dana Bass-D Noize Suppressor Promo The Viper Nosferatu Outblast Vince MD&A Live Catscan Flamman & Abraxas Dr. Z-Vago Pavo Predator Mc Syco Mc Tha Watche...
Voting MOH Top 100 07.12.2016 | VOTING MOH TOP 100
t’s time for the ultimate hardcore voting of the year: THE MOH TOP 100. Which are your favorites of 2016? Show your support! VOTE NOW: http://mastersofhardcore.com/vote Because it’s the 10th edition of the MOH Top 100, we would like to invite you to the special live radio show on the 28th of december in the North Sea Venue. It will be THE hardcore new years drinks to close of 2016 together with your party mates, hardcore music and of course the b...
Masters of Hardcore 2017 - Trailer & Start ticket sales 02.12.2016 | MASTERS OF HARDCORE 2017 - TRAILER & START TICKET SALES
On the 25th of March 2017 all hardcore people will unite. Thousands will be part of the worlds number one hardcore event. Check the Masters of Hardcore 2017 trailer now!  The chronicle of the shadow war told us that the untamed came from the east. Led by a fierce breed of hardened masters, sworn to an oath of loyalty. The statutes of agony were installed as the deadly hand advanced. We all know history was written by its victors. Be loyal to.....
Snakepit 2016 Timetable 01.12.2016 | SNAKEPIT 2016 TIMETABLE
ONLY 10 DAYS left until Snakepit 2016 - The Need for Speeds. Check out the timetable to find out when your favorite artist(s) will perform. Your need for speed will be satisfied! Get your tickets now or be sorry! 
Masters of Hardcore - The Austrian Awakening Line Up 01.12.2016 | MASTERS OF HARDCORE - THE AUSTRIAN AWAKENING LINE UP
Newsflash! The worlds leading hardcore brand returns to Vienna. We proudly present you the stunning line up of Masters of Hardcore – The Austrian Awakening! Get your tickets now!
Exodus 2017 Line up 29.11.2016 | EXODUS 2017 LINE UP
Germany’s most brutal event returns. Represented by 7 superior hardcore teams Exodus Festival is the #1 hardcore gathering of the year. Powered by pure hardcore, frenchcore, industrial and uptempo hardcore, Exodus is the dream of every true fan. This year Art of Dance and I-Motion will show the next step in their masterplan. The ultimate display of real hardcore power will be embraced by thousands.    Checkout the line up!
MOH Radio Top 100 Live Show 29.11.2016 | MOH RADIO TOP 100 LIVE SHOW
Buy your tickets for THE hardcore new years drinks to close of 2016 together with your party mates, hardcore music and of course the best hardcore artists. Throughout the day you can enjoy the hardest music of 2016 with the live broadcasted MOH TOP 100 radio show with special DJ sets in between. More info will follow soon, be quick limited amount tickets available for only €3,50 ex fee! Let's close off 2016 in a HARDCORE way!
Snakepit Anthem online 22.11.2016 | SNAKEPIT ANTHEM ONLINE
In just a few weeks all true uptempo, high speed and raging hardcore fanatics unite. On the 10th of December Art of Dance and B2S join forces for the annihilating first edition of Snakepit! The dedicated anthem for the first Snakepit gathering in history is made by the illustrious Scarphase. Scarphase is the massive formation powered by the true kings Partyraiser and F.Noize. Accompanied by the rattling lyrics of MC Tha Watcher ‘Enter the Snakepi...
Mindcontroller 2017 Kaartverkoop gestart 14.11.2016 | MINDCONTROLLER 2017 KAARTVERKOOP GESTART
Het is zonder twijfel de jaarlijkse happening op gebied van early-hardcore, early-rave en millennium hardcore. Ook in 2017 kan de echte fanaat zijn of haar energie kwijt op de enige echte Mindcontroller! Klassiek hakken op de beats van de beste early hardcore DJ’s tegen een goud prijsje is de missie. Tickets voor Mindcontroller 2017 zijn nu hier verkrijgbaar.
Snakepit Trailer online 04.11.2016 | SNAKEPIT TRAILER ONLINE
Two giants created a brand new hardcore concept. Powered by the most vicious underground sounds. Destined to destroy all what stands in its way. Thousands of true and dedicated supporters unite. The uptempo happening of the year is born. Be part of history and witness the birth of Snakepit! Check the trailer now!  Get your tickets here!
AIRFORCE Festival 2016 Aftermovie Online 26.10.2016 | AIRFORCE FESTIVAL 2016 AFTERMOVIE ONLINE
The first chapter of AIRFORCE Festival is behind us. Over 10.000 insurgeants joined the uprise and served the new command. Now that their mission is completed, it’s time to look back. This is the official aftermovie of AIRFORCE Festival 2016! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTGsrgtksR4
Syndicate 2016 cd now availabe 30.09.2016 | SYNDICATE 2016 CD NOW AVAILABE
This year’s Syndicate CD is mixed by no other than anthem maker Thorax, the populair hardstyle artist Act of Rage and hard techno famous artist PetDuo.
Syndicate 2016 Anthem out now 16.09.2016 | SYNDICATE 2016 ANTHEM OUT NOW
The spectacular 10th anniversary of Germany’s biggest indoor harder styles event is coming closer and closer. One of Germany’s most talented hardcore producers got the mission to create an anthem that would honor a decade of Syndicate. Now it’s time to reveal the masterpiece. We proudly present you: Thorax ft. MC Tha Watcher – A Decade of Syndicate (Official Syndicate 2016 anthem)!  Get your copy here: http://bit.ly/SY16-anthem...
Dominator 2016 Aftermovie Online 08.09.2016 | DOMINATOR 2016 AFTERMOVIE ONLINE
Step back into the lunatic world of untamed fury. This is the aftermovie of Dominator Festival 2016 – Methods of Mutilation!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hO_x7UHuZkI
Supremacy 2016 anthem release 30.08.2016 | SUPREMACY 2016 ANTHEM RELEASE
The number one authority in savage hardstyle sounds delivers once again! Art of Dance selected two absolute sonic slayers for this years Supremacy anthem. War Force, the ruthless formation by Warface and E-Force created the masterpiece called ‘Triumph’. 'The world they built will fall. And from the ashes we build a superior one. Enter the state of SUPREMACY’ Check it here!  --- Supremacy 2016 24th of September Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch w...
Syndicate 2016 - Official Trailer 16.08.2016 | SYNDICATE 2016 - OFFICIAL TRAILER
It all started a decade ago. Be part and honor: 10 YEARS of SYNDICATE.