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AIRFORCE 2017 tickets now available 14.03.2017 | AIRFORCE 2017 TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE
Tickets for AIRFORCE Festival – Superior Warfare are now available at www.airforcefestival.com/tickets. </br> See you the 5th of August on the Military Airbase Twenthe!
Masters of Hardcore 2017 anthem 13.03.2017 | MASTERS OF HARDCORE 2017 ANTHEM
This is our empire, destroying to rule. Ascending to greatness, we suffer no fools. Hardcore’s our religion, born to the core. Our legions are gathered, now ready for war! Listen to the official Masters of Hardcore 2017 anthem by Destructive Tendencies. This is 'The Skull Dynasty'!
Free Festival 2017 line up 08.03.2017 | FREE FESTIVAL 2017 LINE UP
Harder styles fanatics, it's time to get excited for the festival season! We proudly present the massive line-up for the first Free Festival edition at the Almere Strand. More than 40 acts over 3 area's will blow your mind. Check the full line-up here.
Furyan album showcase 07.03.2017 | FURYAN ALBUM SHOWCASE
Last week Furyan announced his first ever artist album! 'Trial of Fury' contains 12 massive tracks that will shatter eardrums. Not only will the album enrich the MOH XXXIX album, Furyan will also present his album in a stunning showcase at the mainstage of Masters of Hardcore - The Skull Dynasty.</br> Be there! </b></br>
AIRFORCE 2017 teaser 07.03.2017 | AIRFORCE 2017 TEASER
A fierce horde of insurgents makes their way to the eastern district. On the 5th of August they will invade the Military Air Base Twenthe for the second time. Now it’s up to you to decide. Are you brave enough to join them? Ticket sales for Airforce Festival 2017 - Superior Warfare | Official start on March 11th at 1:00PM CET. Don’t miss it! #AIRFORCEFestival2017 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/oRWrnTwZ3mc" fra...
Start pre-sale Dominator 2017 23.02.2017 | START PRE-SALE DOMINATOR 2017
On the 15th of July thousands of hardcoreheads will unite for the biggest hardcore gathering of the year! </br></br> Ticket sales  Hotel packages (incl. tickets) - 16th of March 1:00PM CEST </br> Regular ticket  sales - 1st of April 1:00PM CEST
Snakepit 2016 sets online now 22.02.2017 | SNAKEPIT 2016 SETS ONLINE NOW
Let's take a moment to look back to the uptempo happening of the year. Are you ready to blast some raging uptempo and high speed hardcore through your speakers? The Snakepit 2016 sets are online now on our Soundcloud page.
AIRFORCE Festival 2017 info & ticketsales 14.02.2017 | AIRFORCE FESTIVAL 2017 INFO & TICKETSALES
After the ruthless first invasion they kneeled for the new prime! With protocol two activated, we gear up for the second phase. An extreme entity will be assembled. Built to exterminate all that opposes the order. The unstoppable swarm of next gen soldiers loom at the horizon. This sequel will be a pure display of superior warfare. Step onto the battlefield of: AIRFORCE Festival 2017 – Superior Warfare. Ticket sales start on March 11th at 1:00PM ...
Snakepit 2016 aftermovie online 06.02.2017 | SNAKEPIT 2016 AFTERMOVIE ONLINE
Two colossal event heavyweights in the harder styles teamed up to throw down a furiously raging uptempo hardcore gathering like no other! A new spectacle designed for only the hardest of hearts is born. This was the first edition of Snakepit! Check the aftermovie here.  SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! Snakepit – The Need For Speed 9th of December 2017 Klokgebouw, Eindhoven www.snakepithardcore.com
Free Festival 2017 tickets now available 31.01.2017 | FREE FESTIVAL 2017 TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE
After years of neglect, the true harder styles return to the infamous beach of brutality! Almere Strand delivered mesmerizing memories to all people who visited the legendary gatherings that invaded the area in the past. Thousands awaited the homecoming of harder styles and this year Free Festival will restore the supreme status of the historical location.  With the move from the old location to the Almere Strand, Free Festival will be bigger tha...
Mindcontroller 2017 timetable en final info 25.01.2017 | MINDCONTROLLER 2017 TIMETABLE EN FINAL INFO
Early en millennium hardcore fanaten, bereid jezelf voor op mother-f*cking MINDCONTROLLER! Lees de final info nu op de website en check de timetable.
Anime Feat. Nolz - Superior Hardcore (Official Exodus 2017 Anthem) 24.01.2017 | ANIME FEAT. NOLZ - SUPERIOR HARDCORE (OFFICIAL EXODUS 2017 ANTHEM)
We are all here, to knock your door. To sell your soul to SUPERIOR HARDCORE! Get ready for the 11th of February with the official Exodus Festival 2017 Anthem by Anime & Nolz. https://youtu.be/FzrFGLbG1Vk
Masters of Hardcore 2017 Line-up 19.01.2017 | MASTERS OF HARDCORE 2017 LINE-UP
The legion has been assembled. Check the full line-up for Masters of Hardcore - The Skull Dynasty now at theskulldynasty.com/line-up.
Exodus 2017 Trailer 18.01.2017 | EXODUS 2017 TRAILER
The ultimate display of real hardcore power, will be embraced by thousands... Represented by 7 superior hardcore teams Exodus is the #1 hardcore gathering of the year. Powered by pure hardcore, frenchcore, industrial and uptempo hardcore, Exodus is the dream of every true fan. Hereby we present you the official #Exodus2017 trailer! 
Masters of Hardcore Ambassadors Program 13.01.2017 | MASTERS OF HARDCORE AMBASSADORS PROGRAM
Are you a true Masters of Hardcore fan, up for a challenge? Become an official ambassador at theskulldynasty.com/ambassadors! Complete the challenges and win huge prizes like tickets to all MOH events/hostings in 2017, a meet and greet with the anthem maker(s), VIP upgrade and more. Good luck!
Exodus Trailer 13.01.2017 | EXODUS TRAILER
The ultimate display of real hardcore power, will be embraced by thousands... Represented by 7 superior hardcore teams Exodus is the #1 hardcore gathering of the year. Powered by pure hardcore, frenchcore, industrial and uptempo hardcore, Exodus is the dream of every true fan. Hereby we present you the official #Exodus2017 trailer! https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=_TfY9PTqDI4
Mindcontroller Trailer Release 11.01.2017 | MINDCONTROLLER TRAILER RELEASE
“Wonderful days belong to the past…” luckily this doesn’t count for this years Mindcontroller edition and we are more than ready to relive the good old days together with you. We still owe you the video footage of last year, so sit back and enjoy this flashback to the 2016 edition in the official Mindcontroller 2017 trailer! See you again on the 28th of January? Tickets for Mindcontroller 2017 are now available at www.artofdance.nl....
The word is out! No other than Dj AniMe, part of team 'Hardcore Azzurri', will create a superior Hardcore anthem for Exodus this year! Are you all ready for this one?!
MOH 2017 VIP tickets sold out 15.12.2016 | MOH 2017 VIP TICKETS SOLD OUT
All VIP tickets for Masters of Hardcore – The Skull Dynasty are SOLD OUT! Regular tickets are still available here.
Mindcontroller 2017 Line up 14.12.2016 | MINDCONTROLLER 2017 LINE UP
Over een paar weken is het tijd voor dé early-hardcore, early-rave en millennium hardcore happening van het jaar: Mindcontroller! Deze helden staan op 28 januari klaar om jou een onvergetelijke nacht te bezorgen. Mis het niet! Tickets voor Mindcontroller 2017 zijn nu hier verkrijgbaar!  Darkraver Dana Bass-D Noize Suppressor Promo The Viper Nosferatu Outblast Vince MD&A Live Catscan Flamman & Abraxas Dr. Z-Vago Pavo Predator Mc Syco Mc Tha Watche...