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Free mix by Beatstream & Radiate (Offensive Records) 19.11.2013 | FREE MIX BY BEATSTREAM & RADIATE (OFFENSIVE RECORDS)
Offensive DJ Team Beatstream & Radiate have recorded their set during RTC 20 Years Party in Rotterdam. http://www73.zippyshare.com/v/27115353/file.html
Free mix by The BeatKrusher (Offensive Records) 19.11.2013 | FREE MIX BY THE BEATKRUSHER (OFFENSIVE RECORDS)
Check out the recorded set of The Beatkrusher (Offensive Records) during 20 Years Rotterdamterrorcorps Party - 14/09 in Rotterdam. http://www.mixcloud.com/Thebeatkrusher/the-beatkrusher-20-years-rtc-14-09-2013/ Track List: 01. Amnesys - Death line 02. Re-style - Hit you up 03. day-mar - feel terror cloud your senses (wasted mind remix) 04. The BeatKrusher - Hatred in man 05. Endymion - make some noise (Furyan remix) 06. The BeatKrusher Ft MC Ruff...
The first edition of Nirvana of Noise, the second alliance between Art of Dance & Q-dance, took place on November 2nd in the Heineken Music Hall.   Check out the official aftermovie here!
Souncloud of dj Paralizer (MD&A) 01.11.2013 | SOUNCLOUD OF DJ PARALIZER (MD&A)
Check out the Dance 2 Eden Outdoor set by dj Paralizer: https://soundcloud.com/djparalizer/paralizer-dance-2-eden-outdoor
Album Paul Elstak on Youtube Offensive Records 31.10.2013 | ALBUM PAUL ELSTAK ON YOUTUBE OFFENSIVE RECORDS
The full album 'Chase Your Dreams' by Paul Elstak is on Youtube of Offensvie Records! Check it here: http://www.youtube.com/offensiverecords
Out now : the new album by Paul Elstak! 30.10.2013 | OUT NOW : THE NEW ALBUM BY PAUL ELSTAK!
Offensive Records proudly presents the new album by the Godfather of hardcore : Paul Elstak! This 2 CD also includes tracks featuring Ruffian, Firestone, The Partysquad, Beatstream & Radiate (Offensive DJ Team), The BeatKrusher, Scott Brown, Darrien Kelly, Humanity Force, Tharoza, Partyraiser and Rotterdam Terror Corps. https://www.rigeshop.com/music/cds/paul-elstak-chase-your-dreams-2cd-exclusive/20503
RTC 20 Years - 29 november - Matrix Bochum (Germany) 30.10.2013 | RTC 20 YEARS - 29 NOVEMBER - MATRIX BOCHUM (GERMANY)
Friday november 29 : 20 years Rotterdam Terror Corp - The German Edition. Lineup, tickets and more information: Line-Up FLOOR 1 – RTC ARENA Rotterdam Terror Corps - Live (XXL SHOW – 4 girls) Dione Partyraiser Chrono & The Demon Dwarf The Beatkrusher Hardcore Masterz Vienna (Austria) Beatstream & Radiate (Offensive DJ Team) Distortion & mc Rtsier Hosted by mc RTC Metalz FLOOR 2 – INDUSTRIAL BEATS OF TERROR SRB Smurf (UK) Stinger Plague (Canada) Th...
RTC 20 Years - 29 november - Matrix Bochum - VIP TICKETS!!! 30.10.2013 | RTC 20 YEARS - 29 NOVEMBER - MATRIX BOCHUM - VIP TICKETS!!!
Only 100 VIP tickets available!!! Presale normal ticket : 22,50 € + fee VIP ticket : 49,95 € + fee A VIP tickets includes : - VIP entry - 5 free drinks - Exclusive RTC 20 Years shirt - VIP Area - Meet and Greet with the artists - Only 100 tickets available! To order your VIPticket(s) : Click here To order your normal ticket(s) : Click here
All true fanatics know what is coming. This Saturday Art of Dance and Q-dance unfold their second alliance. A stunning location, a brutal sound system, the best hardcore artists and the most devoted crowd are the ingredients for our recipe of hardcore. Hereby we give you the last necessities for your divine night of noise. ★ TIMETABLE Art of Dance & Q-dance proudly present the timetable for the first edition of Nirvana of Noise.  Area 1: Hardco...
New Legion Of The Lost ep!  (DGN Records) 29.10.2013 | NEW LEGION OF THE LOST EP! (DGN RECORDS)
Check out the new Legion Of the Lost release on Dutch Gabber Network Records. Available on Hardtunes. http://www.hardtunes.com/albums/legion-of-the-lost-bring-it-on-ep/2340
Rob Gee (USA) to Russia 29.10.2013 | ROB GEE (USA) TO RUSSIA
December 7 Rob Gee will perform in Moscow! For more information : http://www.sonicimpact.info/events/si2013 http://vk.com/sonicimpact2013 https://www.facebook.com/events/229951670499825/?ref_dashboard_filter=calendar&source=1
New release by Hardcore Masterz Vienna feat. Darkcontroller 25.10.2013 | NEW RELEASE BY HARDCORE MASTERZ VIENNA FEAT. DARKCONTROLLER
Out now the new release by HMV feat. Darkcontroller & Nonasylum – The *Coremasters EP on Megarave Records. This ep includes the anthem for "The *Coremasters vs. Megarave Records Party” (09/11 Vienna) Rige Music http://www.hardtunes.com/albums/hardcore-masterz-vienna-coremasters-ep/2325
AMBASSADORS, we proudly present you the aftermovie of SYNDICATE 2013. Turn op the volume and enjoy! Click here to view the aftermovie.
Busreis naar Hellraiser - 26 oktober - Buelach (Zwitserland) 24.10.2013 | BUSREIS NAAR HELLRAISER - 26 OKTOBER - BUELACH (ZWITSERLAND)
Voor de Hollanders en Belgen: Er zijn nog enkele plaatsen vrij op de bus a.s. zaterdag naar Hellraiser in Zwitserland, 70 euro inclusief kaartje! Er wordt een busreis naar Hellraiser in Zwitserland georganiseerd. Deze gaat door zodra er genoeg aanmeldingen zijn. Hierbij geldt ook VOL=VOL, er zal geen tweede bus gaan rijden bij heel veel aanmeldingen. Wel wordt er gewerkt met een reserve lijst. De reis kost, inclusief entree voor het feest, €70. H...
Lineup Hellraiser - Swiss Edition - October 26 24.10.2013 | LINEUP HELLRAISER - SWISS EDITION - OCTOBER 26
Saturday october 26th - Club UG Buelach (Zuerich) MAIN AREA Host : Ruffian 21:00-22:00 Massive Mood 22:00-23:00 Giuly 23:00-23:45 E.x.e.c.u.t.e 23:45-00:45 Offensive dj Team 00:45-01:30 Darkheadz 01:30-02:30 Distortion 02:30-03:30 Radium 03:30-04:15 Dione 04:30-05:15 Darkcontroller 05:15-06:00 Apathy 06:00-07:00 Corekracker‎‎ HEADFUCK FLOOR 21:00 Dentrobates 22:00 Loopas 23:00 3ki 23 :45 Mastermind 00 :30 Vandal 01:30  DOM 02:15  Srb 03:15 Corrup...
Special congratulations by HMV to RTC 24.10.2013 | SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS BY HMV TO RTC
Short video of special congratulations by Hardcore Masterz Vienna (Megarave Records) to 20 years Rotterdam Terror Corps. http://youtu.be/kIK-8zxXXoo
New release by Destructive Tendencies (UK) 24.10.2013 | NEW RELEASE BY DESTRUCTIVE TENDENCIES (UK)
A new kick ass 100% pure hardcore ep on Megarave Records by Destructive Tendencies (UK) and a collab with Chrono for your earcrushing pleasure. Megarave Records is bringing you the beats you need on Hardtunes. http://www.hardtunes.com/albums/destructive-tendencies-fucking-up-the-mainstream-ep/2315
ANTHEM The Spanish hardcore revelation Wasted Mind will be responsible for the anthem of the new ruling collaboration between Official Art of Dance and Q-dance. Wasted Mind his 'Alliance' proves that hardcore found its way globally, powered by a new wave of skilled artists. Wasted Mind: 'I am extremely happy with the past year. My label move upwards from Rotterdam Records to Masters of Hardcore and my on-stage requests at Dominator and Decibel re...
Chrono & Dr. Peacock to Australia 17.10.2013 | CHRONO & DR. PEACOCK TO AUSTRALIA
Chrono (Megarave Records) and Dr. Peacock (Dr. Peacock Records) will perform at the New Years Eve party in Sydney. Chrono is also working on an anthem for this event. Soon more information.
Rige Bookings welcomes DJ Chosen Few (Mokum Records) 08.10.2013 | RIGE BOOKINGS WELCOMES DJ CHOSEN FEW (MOKUM RECORDS)
Chosen Few is the alias of Dutch hardcore producer Francois Prijt. At the end of 1991 Chosen Few began playing hardcore, and became a resident dj in a small club on the Amsterdam red light district. On this he builds up a large multitude fans, and from that moment it goes fast. In 1993 he got his first international booking  to Austria, after that the bookings streamed in. Hardcore and Gabber freaks globally pay homage to the name Chosen Few play...