Timetable and final info AIRFORCE Festival 2017 01.08.2017 | TIMETABLE AND FINAL INFO AIRFORCE FESTIVAL 2017
Over a hundred artists, thousands of soldiers and a military airbase as final destination; this Saturday everything will come together. Prepare yourself for AIRFORCE Festival 2017, read the final information now (in English or Dutch) and check the timetable. See you there!
Snakepit 2017 line-up 18.07.2017 | SNAKEPIT 2017 LINE-UP
The uptempo happening of the year returns for a second edition to the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven on the 9th of December 2017! Extreme hardcore will be fired upon you in two different areas, by hardcore heavyweights like Partyraiser, Destructive Tendencies Live, Dr. Peacock, F. NøIzE and Unexist. Check the full line-up here
Supremacy 2017 line-up 14.07.2017 | SUPREMACY 2017 LINE-UP
A harsh group of executioners has been assembled based on their grade of superiority. Stand tall and face the merciless frontmen of Supremacy 2017. Check the full line-up here
AIRFORCE 2017 anthem release 29.06.2017 | AIRFORCE 2017 ANTHEM RELEASE
This is the time! Salute your commander, all hands on deck. SUPERIOR WARFARE, start the attack! Listen here.
SYNDICATE 2017 line-up and tickets 26.06.2017 | SYNDICATE 2017 LINE-UP AND TICKETS
Ambassadors! SYNDICATE returns to the Westfalen-HELL this October. Art of Dance and I-Motion are determined to present another superb edition of Germany’s biggest indoor harder styles event. If you thought last year was spectacular, brace yourself for this years madness!  We assembled the most skilled harder styles artists to blast their hardest sounds through the ear-splitting sound system. Check the line-up for SYNDICATE 2017 below! Tickets are...
Timetable Free Festival 2017 20.06.2017 | TIMETABLE FREE FESTIVAL 2017
Just a few more days until we gather at the Almere Strand for a new edition of Free Festival! Time to check the timetable for the set times of your favorite artists. Which closing set will you choose?  Tickets (€25) are still available at www.freefestival.nl/tickets.
Dominator 2017 anthem by Mad Dog and Dave Revan 20.06.2017 | DOMINATOR 2017 ANTHEM BY MAD DOG AND DAVE REVAN
The most notorious hardcore anthem of 2017 has arrived. This is ‘Maze of Martyr (Official Dominator 2017 anthem) by Mad Dog and Dave Revan! "We are hardcore We are DOMINATOR!”
Pre-order the Dominator - Maze of Martyr album 02.06.2017 | PRE-ORDER THE DOMINATOR - MAZE OF MARTYR ALBUM
The annual Dominator CD compilation is now available for pre-order! Amplify your collection with the Dominator 2017 – Maze of Martyr album. Shipment on the 14th of July. Pre-order your album here >
Mad Dog responsible for this year's Dominator anthem! 01.06.2017 | MAD DOG RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS YEAR'S DOMINATOR ANTHEM!
The wait is over! We’re thrilled to announce that one of Dogfight Records’ finest has created this year’s Dominator anthem. In a few weeks we’ll present you Dj Mad Dog’s ‘Maze of Martyr (Official Dominator 2017 anthem)’. Check his personal announcement over here and stay tuned for the anthem release!
Supremacy 2017 ticket sales 26.05.2017 | SUPREMACY 2017 TICKET SALES
Mark your calendar! Ticket sales for Supremacy 2017 start on Saturday May 27th at 10:00AM at www.supremacy.nl. Attend the official Facebook event to make sure you receive all future updates. Don’t forget to invite your fellow hardstyle fanatics!
Free Festival 2017 hardcore anthem by Nosferatu & Tha Watcher 26.05.2017 | FREE FESTIVAL 2017 HARDCORE ANTHEM BY NOSFERATU & THA WATCHER
We will defy, no longer obey! Listen to the banging Free Festival 2017 hardcore anthem ‘Defiance’ by Nosferatu and Tha Watcher: https://youtu.be/7IhORo3rRQg.
Line-up AIRFORCE Festival 2017 now online 16.05.2017 | LINE-UP AIRFORCE FESTIVAL 2017 NOW ONLINE
An extreme entity has been assembled, built to exterminate all that opposes the order. Brace yourself for the massive line-up of AIRFORCE Festival 2017!
Aftermovie Masters of Hardcore 2017 online 09.05.2017 | AFTERMOVIE MASTERS OF HARDCORE 2017 ONLINE
Rise now! Regain your honor, show your loyalty. This is the official Masters of Hardcore 2017 aftermovie!
Dominator 2017 line-up onlline 25.04.2017 | DOMINATOR 2017 LINE-UP ONLLINE
Face over 100 of the world’s most vicious hardcore acts in the horrific Maze of Martyr. The full Dominator 2017 line-up is now online at www.dominatorfestival.nl/line-up.
AIRFORCE 2017 trailer 13.04.2017 | AIRFORCE 2017 TRAILER
Step onto the battlefield of AIRFORCE Festival and witness superior warfare!  Check the official trailer here.  Your tickets are located at www.airforcefestival.com
Dominator 2017 DJ/Producer contest 11.04.2017 | DOMINATOR 2017 DJ/PRODUCER CONTEST
Upcoming DJ’s and producers, are you worthy to enter the domain of Dominator as a true artist? This is your chance! Enter the DJ & producer contest over here. Good luck!
Dominator 2017 tickets now available 04.04.2017 | DOMINATOR 2017 TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE
Tickets for the world’s biggest outdoor hardcore gathering are now available at dominatorfestival.nl/tickets. Don’t miss out!
Dominator 2017 trailer & ticket sale info 30.03.2017 | DOMINATOR 2017 TRAILER & TICKET SALE INFO
The atrocious labyrinth lay hidden to be discovered for its awakening. Patiently it waited to finally welcome its victims. Now the gates towards total anarchy are breached. We enter a world of pure misery. A triumphal escape is a hopeless mission. We challenge you to step into the horrific MAZE OF MARTYR! Check the trailer here.  </br></br>Ticket sales for Dominator Festival 2017 start on the 1st of April 2017 at 1:00PM CEST!
Masters of Hardcore 2018 29.03.2017 | MASTERS OF HARDCORE 2018
The next edition of Masters of Hardcore takes place on the 24th of March 2018! Will you be there? Attend the official Facebook event here
Photos Masters of Hardcore - The Skull Dynasty online 29.03.2017 | PHOTOS MASTERS OF HARDCORE - THE SKULL DYNASTY ONLINE
The photos of Masters of Hardcore - The Skull Dynasty are online now. Check them here!