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Dominator 2017 line-up onlline 25.04.2017 | DOMINATOR 2017 LINE-UP ONLLINE
Face over 100 of the world’s most vicious hardcore acts in the horrific Maze of Martyr. The full Dominator 2017 line-up is now online at www.dominatorfestival.nl/line-up.
AIRFORCE 2017 trailer 13.04.2017 | AIRFORCE 2017 TRAILER
Step onto the battlefield of AIRFORCE Festival and witness superior warfare!  Check the official trailer here.  Your tickets are located at www.airforcefestival.com
Dominator 2017 DJ/Producer contest 11.04.2017 | DOMINATOR 2017 DJ/PRODUCER CONTEST
Upcoming DJ’s and producers, are you worthy to enter the domain of Dominator as a true artist? This is your chance! Enter the DJ & producer contest over here. Good luck!
Dominator 2017 tickets now available 04.04.2017 | DOMINATOR 2017 TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE
Tickets for the world’s biggest outdoor hardcore gathering are now available at dominatorfestival.nl/tickets. Don’t miss out!
Dominator 2017 trailer & ticket sale info 30.03.2017 | DOMINATOR 2017 TRAILER & TICKET SALE INFO
The atrocious labyrinth lay hidden to be discovered for its awakening. Patiently it waited to finally welcome its victims. Now the gates towards total anarchy are breached. We enter a world of pure misery. A triumphal escape is a hopeless mission. We challenge you to step into the horrific MAZE OF MARTYR! Check the trailer here.  </br></br>Ticket sales for Dominator Festival 2017 start on the 1st of April 2017 at 1:00PM CEST!
Masters of Hardcore 2018 29.03.2017 | MASTERS OF HARDCORE 2018
The next edition of Masters of Hardcore takes place on the 24th of March 2018! Will you be there? Attend the official Facebook event here
Photos Masters of Hardcore - The Skull Dynasty online 29.03.2017 | PHOTOS MASTERS OF HARDCORE - THE SKULL DYNASTY ONLINE
The photos of Masters of Hardcore - The Skull Dynasty are online now. Check them here!
New Masters of Hardcore merchandise exclusively available in app 23.03.2017 | NEW MASTERS OF HARDCORE MERCHANDISE EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE IN APP
Discover the brand new Masters of Hardcore merchandise collection now exclusively in the official event app. Download the app for iPhone <a href="www.mastersofhardcore.com/iphone" rel="external">mastersofhardcore.com/iphone</a> or Android <a href="http://www.mastersofhardcore.com/android" rel="external">mastersofhardcore.com/android</a>, create your wishlist and hand it over to our merchandise crew at the event!
Livestream Masters of Hardcore 2017 21.03.2017 | LIVESTREAM MASTERS OF HARDCORE 2017
BIG NEWS! Not able to attend Masters of Hardcore this weekend? All mainstage sets will be streamed live (video/audio) at www.mastersofhardcore.com/live and our Facebook page. Tune in on Saturday the 25th of March at 10:00PM CET and enjoy 9 hours of the finest hardcore!
Final info and timetable Masters of Hardcore 2017 21.03.2017 | FINAL INFO AND TIMETABLE MASTERS OF HARDCORE 2017
Warriors of The Skull Dynasty! This Saturday we unite for a new edition of Masters of Hardcore. Make sure to come prepared, read our final info carefully and check the timetable below. See you this Saturday!   IMPORTANT: Switch to CEST (Central European Summer Time) during the event Please pay attention: during Masters of Hardcore the CET (Central European Time) will switch to summer time (CEST). This means that at 2:00AM, the clock will go 1 hou...
Outblast Masters of Hardcore megamix 17.03.2017 | OUTBLAST MASTERS OF HARDCORE MEGAMIX
Next week the worldwide hardcore scene says goodbye to a true legend. Start your weekend with a trip down memory lane with this Outblast megamix! You can listen to it here.
Masters of Hardcore 2017 timetable app 16.03.2017 | MASTERS OF HARDCORE 2017 TIMETABLE APP
The Masters of Hardcore 2017 timetable is now exclusively available in the official Masters of Hardcore - The Skull Dynasty app! Download the app at mastersofhardcore.com/iphone or mastersofhardcore.com/android and create your own timetable. What's your schedule for the night? </br> <strong>IMPORTANT</strong>: Please note that we switch to CEST (summer time) during the night. At 02:00AM NL switches to 03:00AM.
AIRFORCE 2017 tickets now available 14.03.2017 | AIRFORCE 2017 TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE
Tickets for AIRFORCE Festival – Superior Warfare are now available at www.airforcefestival.com/tickets. </br> See you the 5th of August on the Military Airbase Twenthe!
Masters of Hardcore 2017 anthem 13.03.2017 | MASTERS OF HARDCORE 2017 ANTHEM
This is our empire, destroying to rule. Ascending to greatness, we suffer no fools. Hardcore’s our religion, born to the core. Our legions are gathered, now ready for war! Listen to the official Masters of Hardcore 2017 anthem by Destructive Tendencies. This is 'The Skull Dynasty'!
Free Festival 2017 line up 08.03.2017 | FREE FESTIVAL 2017 LINE UP
Harder styles fanatics, it's time to get excited for the festival season! We proudly present the massive line-up for the first Free Festival edition at the Almere Strand. More than 40 acts over 3 area's will blow your mind. Check the full line-up here.
Furyan album showcase 07.03.2017 | FURYAN ALBUM SHOWCASE
Last week Furyan announced his first ever artist album! 'Trial of Fury' contains 12 massive tracks that will shatter eardrums. Not only will the album enrich the MOH XXXIX album, Furyan will also present his album in a stunning showcase at the mainstage of Masters of Hardcore - The Skull Dynasty.</br> Be there! </b></br>
AIRFORCE 2017 teaser 07.03.2017 | AIRFORCE 2017 TEASER
A fierce horde of insurgents makes their way to the eastern district. On the 5th of August they will invade the Military Air Base Twenthe for the second time. Now it’s up to you to decide. Are you brave enough to join them? Ticket sales for Airforce Festival 2017 - Superior Warfare | Official start on March 11th at 1:00PM CET. Don’t miss it! #AIRFORCEFestival2017 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/oRWrnTwZ3mc" fra...
Start pre-sale Dominator 2017 23.02.2017 | START PRE-SALE DOMINATOR 2017
On the 15th of July thousands of hardcoreheads will unite for the biggest hardcore gathering of the year! </br></br> Ticket sales  Hotel packages (incl. tickets) - 16th of March 1:00PM CEST </br> Regular ticket  sales - 1st of April 1:00PM CEST
Snakepit 2016 sets online now 22.02.2017 | SNAKEPIT 2016 SETS ONLINE NOW
Let's take a moment to look back to the uptempo happening of the year. Are you ready to blast some raging uptempo and high speed hardcore through your speakers? The Snakepit 2016 sets are online now on our Soundcloud page.
AIRFORCE Festival 2017 info & ticketsales 14.02.2017 | AIRFORCE FESTIVAL 2017 INFO & TICKETSALES
After the ruthless first invasion they kneeled for the new prime! With protocol two activated, we gear up for the second phase. An extreme entity will be assembled. Built to exterminate all that opposes the order. The unstoppable swarm of next gen soldiers loom at the horizon. This sequel will be a pure display of superior warfare. Step onto the battlefield of: AIRFORCE Festival 2017 – Superior Warfare. Ticket sales start on March 11th at 1:00PM ...