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Supremacy Australia 2018 Full Line-up

Supremacy line-up

In 2017, the utmost supreme invaded down under for an initial attack. Thousands gathered to embrace this ruthless noise from the future. This February, we will return yet again to mark our territory on Sydney’s most superior location. No remorse, no surrender.

A sublime legion consisting of the most anticipated artists is headed towards the raw state:
▪ Radical Redemption Live
▪ Warface ‘Heavy Artillery’
▪ Aggressive Act
▪ Neophyte ’25 years of Neophyte hardcore session’
▪ D-Sturb
▪ Crypsis
▪ Deadly Guns
▪ OZ Supreme Live (Delete & Vazard)
▪ Act of Rage
▪ Dj AniMe
▪ Regain
▪ The Beholder ‘Superior Classic Set’
▪ MC DV8

Submit yourself to the reign of Supremacy. Grab your tickets at supremacyaustralia.com.au/tickets. #SupremacyAUS18