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Estasia – The “No Brakes” Event

Estasia: For this party I choose to have 2 areas, the main area is the Uptempo Hardcore area where the beats are fast, fierce and hard. Area two is the millennium area where a fine selection of artists will play the best millennium of the last, past years. So if you like it hard you know where to go and if you want to chill and enjoy the past just go to area 2.

Estasia, Starrlight, DRS, DJ Bass-D, Andy The Core, DJ Distortion RTC, MBK Uptempo, Dione a.k.a. E-Noid, Lunakorpz, Furyan, DJ BUZZ FUZZ, YunKe, Ruffian, DJ Kasparov, Major Conspiracy, R3T3P, Amada and Mike Redman!

2️⃣ area’s: Main room (Uptempo Hardcore) & Millennium Area!
📆 25 April 2020
🕐 21:00 till 04:00
📍 Studio76 Etten-Leur

Tickets & event page here